Dr. CHRISTINE POTTER has performed in London, Paris, Mexico City, Toronto, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, Washington D.C., Phoenix, Dallas, Boston and Atlanta. She is an internationally recognized alto and bass flute virtuoso and has performed at many conventions of the National Flute Association (NFA) as well as the British Flute Society conventions (BFS). Chris spent five years as Chair of the National Flute Association's Low Flutes Committee, and developed the low flutes portion of the annual NFA coventions with numerous performances, world premiers and workshops. She directs a low flutes choir at the James Galway Festival in Weggis, Switzerland, where she is also the flute choir coordinator.

Chris has written and arranged fifteen books. Her latest composition is an arrangement of part of Wagner's Tannhauser Overture  for low flutes and she conducted the premier in Switzerland. Her Tres Ratoncitas Ciegos (Three Blind Mice)  for flute choir premiered at the 2014 NFA convention. Her books Halloween Duets and The Alto and Bass Flute Resource Book  were both winners in the National Flute Association's Newly Published Music Competition. Her best selling book is The Vibrato Workbook  published by Falls House Press: all her books are available on her website: www.chrispotterflute.com