2021 Student Composition Competition WINNERS!


6-10 Years   
Zephan Lee - Hunting Dragon 

11-12 Years   
Micaiah Lee - The Plight of the Pirate's Peril 
Eaven Kohlmeyer - Chilly Seasons - Honorable Mention

13-14 Years   
Karoline Maloy - Maria Tempesti: The Stormy Sea 

15-17 Years   
Laura Kohler -  Glistening Sound

See Winners' Recital Here!

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Student Composition  


Submission Deadline: February 1st, 2021

Prizes: $100 for an overall winner and $50 for age-group winners

Entrants must be aged 6-18 on the submission deadline date.
Age groups will be determined based on distribution of the compositions and the judges may choose not to award prize money in a certain category.


Submission Details

Accepted Compositions: 

  • Length: 10 minutes or less

  • Composed between January 1, 2020 - January 31, 2021 

  • Multiple submissions accepted 

  • All styles are acceptable provided the composition is fully notated, including metronome marking. 

  • Lead sheets and chord charts will not be accepted.

Score/Recording Format: 

  • Scores may be hand written, scanned and submitted as a PDF, or, a PDF created by music writing software (preferred).*

  • A video recording of the piece in mp4 format. Performers at the composer's discretion.

  • All participants including 12 finalists will be notified by Feb. 21st

  • The online video concert of the winners will be shown March 8th


Congratulations to two of the Winners at the March Recital for CompComp2020

Please submit your score and mp4 video to: https://www.dropbox.com/request/2fbhfwNoU0BxKT1Pa1QZ

noteflight.com provides free cloud-based music notation via web browser, and musescore.org offers free downloads of its full-    featured software.


An online concert featuring the 12 finalist's compositions
will be shown March 8, 2021.

Winners will be announced on March 8th after the concert.
Prize money will be mailed out after the concert.

Entry form for Music Composition Competition 2021

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