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GRACE ASQUITH, pianist and composer, champions new music with frequent performances of current music in addition to programming commissioned works. As Artistic Director of Chamber Ensemble con Grazia (2007), the group has commissioned works by Boulder composers John Fuerst and K. D. Mueller, to enhance its Little Noon Music summer series. World Premieres include Metaphors by Karl Kroeger for soprano and piano (performance April 10, 2016), and Collage by Dr. John White for mezzo-soprano, flute and piano (performance May 7, 2016). 



The 2016 Little Noon Music series featured a reprise of A Set of Songs for baritone and piano set by John Fuerst using the texts of Wallace Stevens. After participating in the George Lynn Centenary Challenge during 2015, CEG has continued to program Lynn’s vocal music and Idyl for violin and piano. Asquith will be recording many of the works by composers who support Chamber Ensemble con Grazia. 


A composer with a fondness for the melding of poetry with music, Asquith’s piece, No Such Music, was again performed by ASTER Women’s Chamber Choir on their April 2016 concerts. The work, composed for women’s choir, cello and piano, was commissioned by ASTER for their 10th Anniversary concert in April 2010. ASTER has also performed her setting of Sappho’s texts, Songs of Sappho, on multiple concerts. 


Regularly presenting for conferences and music teachers’ meetings, Asquith has designed several programs which highlight the use of extended-techniques inside the piano, repertoire which produce unusual sounds on the outside of the piano, and the connections between twentieth-century repertoire and standard teaching pieces. Presentations which are complemented with video examples include “The Adventures of Teddy,” a step-by-step teaching of musical elements to build confidence with improvisation (non-jazz), and “Chamber Music in Your Studio,” a program which encourages intergenerational chamber music participation. 


In addition to performing and composing, Asquith maintains a creative private piano studio, frequently serves as an adjudicator in the state, and also travels throughout the US and Canada as a member of the College of Examiners for the Royal Conservatory of Music located in Toronto, Ontario. 


Grace has written chamber music, vocal music and choral music. Visit her website below:

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Indigo - Grace Asquith