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JEFFREY HARTMANN specializes in music for both piano and organ. Click on his site to see his extensive repertoire.

Jeffrey Hartmann is a musician and composer living in Boulder, CO. He composes in many styles for organ, piano, guitar, voices and choirs.

He is employed as organist at First Lutheran Church in Longmont, CO.

Outside of the music world, Jeffrey is married to Paula, has a degree in Civil Engineering, and has bike raced all over the world.

He is also a painter and sculptor and loves the outdoors.

Please visit his music and art site at:


Jeffrey recently entered some of his music in "American Songwriters Awards " which is an international competition consisting of 26 individually judged  categories of music plus an overall. He walked away with the Grand Prize for "Song of the Year", won 2 of the categories for best Classical and best Reggae song,  had 3  of the categories for best Classical and best Reggae song,  had 3 in the final top 10 of the entire contest and had 11 nominated songs which are top 10 in their respective categories.