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JOHN FUERST received a BM in composition from Denison University where he studied with Elliot Borishansky, and an MM in composition from the University of Colorado at Boulder where he studied primarily with Richard Toensing. Fuerst served as composer-in-residence for two years at Mesa State College, now Colorado Mesa University. During his tenure, his set of songs for bass-baritone and piano based on the poetry of Wallace Stevens was premiered at a statewide conference, and reprised 25 years later in 2016 by Chamber Ensemble con Grazia.

Following a 25-year hiatus from composing to pursue a full-time career in law, John returned to composing in 2017. Recent works include Prayer of the Heart, a choral piece with organ setting the text of Dag Hammarskjold, A Courtship, a trio for flute and alto flute, viola, and piano, Quietside, a sextet for soprano, oboe, and string quartet setting the poetry of his sister Catherine Fuerst, and My Mother Talks of Clouds, a trio for soprano, bass flute, and harp setting new poetry by Catherine Fuerst and commissioned by Chamber Ensemble con Grazia.

QuietsidePoetry by Catherine Fuerst
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My Mother Talks of CloudsPoetry by Catherine Fuerst
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