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JOHN SEIDEL began studying piano and composing in elementary school.  While pursuing undergraduate degrees in math and philosophy, he continued playing and composing.  In 1988 he enrolled as a music student at Naropa University in Boulder, studying theory and composition with Bill Douglas, Art Lande and other noteworthy composers and players.  In 1991 his composition “Writer’s Block” won the Utah Composer’s Guild’s award for best jazz composition.  In the early 1990s he attended University of Colorado - Denver, where he studied recording and music production, theory and composition, and attended workshops conducted by Mark Isham and other composers.  

John has composed for a variety of films and TV shows.  He has scored two student films, as well as the credit music for Rocky Mountain Legacy, a half-hour PBS show on Colorado history, which aired in the early 1990s.  He also wrote, co-wrote and performed for the jazz band Center’s Edge until about 1996.  While continuing to compose, John operates Catspaw Audio Arts, a full-service, mobile recording studio,

His Catspaw Audio Arts clients include the Wheat Ridge High School Choir and Theater Departments, Rocky Mountain Composers, and performing artists of all kinds, including a variety of jazz performers, a performer on “Singing Bowls,” and singer-songwriters.Compositional style:Most of my compositions fit into the category of jazz, although some pieces use instrumentation more commonly found in classical (e.g. string quartet).  I guess “Art Music” would cover those works.  I’ve written pieces for all kinds of instruments and combinations.  Almost all of my pieces include a bass, either acoustic upright or bass guitar.  Many include a cello and at least one other from the violin family, at least one woodwind, and percussion.  Occasionally I add vibe, acoustic or electric guitar, or whatever instrument seems best suited to filling a particular sonic gap in a given piece.