Pat cannot remember when she didn't play the piano. She was drawn to it as a small child and the fascination with and love for it has never waned.

She grew up in a small town in Central Montana, and ventured out into the wider world after high school, earning a Bachelor of Music Education and Master of Music (in piano performance) at the University of Colorado in Boulder. She then had a home piano studio, and never stopped keeping up her own playing. She was almost always composing something as well.

Pat began playing with jazz groups while a student at the University, and the music she has written shows strong jazz influence. She suspended playing gigs while her children were small, but picked up on it again later as they were older.

She often has accompanied classical singers and instrumentalists in the Denver/Boulder area, and many of her compositions have been written for specific people and performances.  Her music has been performed locally, including a forty-five minute cantata she wrote for 3 choirs, soloists, and orchestra in 1995 for the 100th anniversary of First Presbyterian Church in Boulder. Her compositions have also been performed around the country - "Aspen Leaf Rag and Fugue for Six Flutes" being a favorite. 

Pat's tracks have been heard on Comedy Central, the Biography Channel, National Geographic Channel and others.

Currently she is still teaching piano, and continues to compose. She lives in Boulder with husband Russ. Find more details, including listing of albums and sheet music, on her website:  www.patholmberg.com